Kids having fun in the surf, fun to capture too!!! Spring Break a great time for Beach Portraits. #GulfShores #BeachPortraits #SpringBreak

2/5/2015  Sisters & Brothers

Sisters & Brothers, something they can cherish later in life. I capture images that will stand the test of time! Contact me now for Spring Break beach sessions.

1/28/2015  Bridal Portraits

Bridal Portraits Time is coming soon. It will start to warm up in March, a great time for photographing Bridal Portraits, the lighting is great as are the sunsets!

1/22/2015  Thinking of Summer

Just thinking of summer in the middle of winter. It will be here soon!

Fall Weddings and Beautiful Sunsets, the same goes for the spring too. Please contact me regarding your spring Beach Wedding and Beautiful Sunset!

9/17/2014  Late Summer Sunrise-

The Light is getting really good on the beach this time of year. Great time for a family beach portrait.

8/15/2014  Fun Wedding Pics

While always trying to make wedding pictures fun, you never know what I might come up with. I still have some fall wedding dates open, contact me for pricing and openings!

It''s that time of year, picking through last years images to update my website. I update once a year with fresh images. I like to show some new images in my galleries every year.

I am shooting the Blue Marlin Grand Championship fishing tournament this week at The Wharf in Orange Beach, Al. This is a huge event with a 1 million dollar plus payout this year. The weigh in on Saturday is a great spectator event for this area. Come on out to see some huge fish and have a lot of fun! Hope to see you there!

Spring Wedding Season is now in full swing. I still have some prime fall dates open for beach weddings in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Alabama and Pensacola Beach Florida! Contact me for pricing information and availability!

I will be at The Wharf Boat Show today photographing the VIP Guests entering on the Red Carpet. I''''m looking forward to a fun day and doing a red carpet type event.

I photograph a lot of extended family sessions each year. Proper lighting technique and photoshop expertise are crucial for a successful end result. Knowing that many families don''''t all get together that often, hiring an experienced photographer is important to get quality images you can cherish for years to come. If your extended family is coming to the beach this summer, please contact me for my extended family session pricing.

4/17/2013  Sunset on the Beach

The sunset light on the beautiful white sand beaches here in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Alabama is hard to beat. Letting the kids do their thing, combined with the great lighting, and look at what you get.

The lighting this time of year is wonderful. If you are here on spring break, take advantage of the lighting this time of year. While the light is always beautiful on our white sand beaches, spring affords some of the best! I still have sessions open this month, let me know if you are interested booking a family session while you are here!

I want to share the billboard I shot for The Wharf Boat Show coming up at The Wharf in Orange Beach, Al. on April 25th-28th. While most of my work is done on the beach, I still shoot advertising for some very choice (and great clients). If you are in town that weekend, it will be a great event to attend!

4/3/2013  Pets Are Family Too!

Just a reminder that pets are allowed on the beach on Ft. Morgan if you would like to include them in you family portrait!

The weather is warming up, FINALLY! It makes you just want to run on the beach like these two. If you are coming down next week for SB, I have a few evening sessions still open for family portraits. Take advantage of the great lighting this time of year!

There''s nothing that compares to the great light on the white sand beaches of the Gulf Coast! The sand provides it''s own natural fill to compliment the late day sun.

3/15/2012  Sunset on the Bay!

You don''t always need to see a face to capture the emotion of the moment, but a nice sunset always helps!

3/14/2012  Back to the blog!

OK, I am back on the blog after a long absence. I am REALLY going to stay up the the day on my blog this year. Don''t laugh Rusty (my website person). As I start to sift through my "picks" from last year, I thought this one would be a good shot to kick off the new Blog Season. These are the kind of "kids moments" I like to capture! Book your shoot and let me get some for you!

5/30/2011  Nice Sequence

What a nice little sequence of shots. I like capturing the action of kids when they react to the water. I still have some dates left in June as well as July for family beach portraits in Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Perdido Key and Pensacola Beach. Contact me for pricing and available dates. The beaches are beautiful, time to get your family beach pictures done!

Here is a nice senior portrait I just shot. The lighting is so good this time of year on the beaches of Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Perdido Key and Pensacola Beach. If you are coming down this spring, it''s a great time to get that family beach portrait done. The weather is cool and the lighting wonderful, beaches are so clean (Yes!!!). Come on down and see what you have been missing in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach.

3/16/2011  Spring Break Portraits

Sometimes I just let the kids do all the work. Of course it helps if the lighting is just right right and and you are on a beautiful beach. If you are coming to Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Perdido Key or Pensacola Beach, this is a great time of year for family portraits. The lighting on the beach is really great this time of year!!!

ALRIGHT- it''''s daylight savings time and spring is here, well almost. It will be in the 70''''s all week and the azaleas are starting to bloom. It''''s time to hit the beach and shoot some family portraits over spring break. If you are coming down to Gulf Shores, Orange Beach or Perdido Key, this is a great time of year for family portraits. The lighting is great this time of year, get that family shot walking into the sunset!

3/11/2011  Perdido Key Sunset

I just shipped this 16x20 watercolor print to Shaun & Olia. What a great sunset on Perdido Key that evening. Sunsets like this make for beautiful beach wedding pictures. If you are planning a beach wedding in Gulf Shores, Orange Beach or Pensacola Beach, please let me send you my affordable package pricing. Let me capture you in the sunset on your wedding day!

3/10/2011  Some nice Candids

Here are a few candids of Kim, whose wedding I shot a couple of weeks ago at the Josephine Baptist church. What a great little church for a small wedding. If you are planning a beach wedding in Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Perdido Key or Pensacola Beach, I still have some prime dates left for late spring, summer and fall. contact me now for open dates and pricing.

2/21/2011  Hangin' with Duke

Duke "The Good Dog" and I are just hangin'''' out today, not much is happening. I did a little work on the website with Rusty my web man. Shot a nice little wedding for Kim and spencer on Saturday at the Josephine Baptist Church. What a great church, nice place to shoot! Now is the time to book the choice dates this summer for family portraits in Gulf Shores/Orange Beach! I still have some prime Saturday wedding dates open for this summer!!!

2/18/2011  Keep on Blogin'

OK, I missed a day or so on my new commitment to blog everyday. Wednesday I went to the Bridal Consultants meeting at the Pensacola Beach Hilton and I met a lot of new and great wedding professionals. I hope to have made some new contacts, as I really like shooting beach weddings and family portraits on Pensacola Beach!!! Please contact me if you would like details on my beach wedding packages. Todays photo is on of my favorite "getting ready" shots, I really like the yellow dresses and the blue shoes!

2/15/2011  Sunrise on Perdido Bay

Today I am starting my daily blog, at the request of my website host Web Solutions Group. Rusty has been bugging me to get on the blog to help my SEO for the website. SO, here I go starting the NEW photo of the day. My photo toady is the sunrise while driving this morning across the Lillian, Al. bridge. Ah- finally some warm weather. Went to the beach this morning, it was beautiful!!! It will be spring before you know it. I still have some prime spring wedding dates open!!! Please contact me if you would like my package pricing for upcoming weddings and family portraits while on vacation in Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Perdido Key and Pensacola!!!

Summer season will be here before you know it. Plan early to book the day you want for your family beach portrait while you are vacationing in Gulf Shores, Orange Beach or Ft. Morgan. It is best to book early in your stay, before anyone gets too sunburn (ouch). Whether you have a large extended family, small family or just want pictures of your children, I pride myself in capturing a lasting memory for you!!!

1/1/1900  Test Blog


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